About Us

Boats on Wheels is owned and run by Hein and Hilary Kuiper. We have been sailing together for over 25 years. Starting in dinghies and yachts on inland waters in The Netherlands, we settled down in Hampshire (UK), to take advantage of one of the world’s prime sailing locations, The Solent. We have tried a whole variety of moorings over the years and it always struck us how horrendously expensive it was to sail on the English South Coast. If we wanted to sail further afield and explore new waters, we needed to undertake lengthy sea passages (with bored kids opting to stay down below!) We decided to do something about it, so started trailer sailing. Now we’re real converts! We can drop a boat in the water for a day, or a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of a mooring and we can easily explore sailing areas, much further afield, getting there in no time by road.

We would very much like to create many more trailer boating converts like us. Whether you’re looking to get into trailer sailing for the first time, fancy something different or you want to sell a trailer boat quickly and hassle free, then get in touch.

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